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(4) His interactions with Joe Maphis


(5) Semie's activities in the show business

(6) The birth of the Ventures model

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(4) His interactions with Joe Maphis
In 1952, Boatright advised Semie that he needed someone famous to play and promote his guitars. Joe Maphis was the best person Boatright knew of to accomplish this. Boatright and Semie went to a club in Norwalk, California, where Joe was playing at the time, (also filming a television variety program called Town Hall Party). They had brought a triple neck guitar which Semie had built for himself to have Joe play. He liked it very much and wanted Semie to build a double neck guitar for him. The Joe Maphis double neck became Joe's calling card from then on, and Semie and Joe became forever friends. Semie made several guitars and several moves during the next few years, trying to become established in the guitar building industry.
(5) Semie's activities in the show business

Semie's first sale after locating to a small building (which he had to prop up) was from a minister who ordered a double neck guitar. He soon met Merle Haggard's cousin, Hugh Bartenstein, who was a farmer and an electrician in the Bakersfield area. Hugh let Semie use his barn rent free, for six months. This is where Semie was working when friend and musician, Gene Moles brought Nokie Edwards, (then lead guitarist with the Ventures) to the “shop”. Nokie was so impressed with Semie's guitar that he borrowed it for his next performance. The fans were so impressed that the Ventures were bombarded with questions about the guitar and requests to buy it then. Thus began the Ventures exclusive distributorship of the Mosrite Ventures model guitars.

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Semie took some time out to enter a talent search which appeared on the Country America television show. He won the contest and $200.00. The next day he was approached by talent scouts to vie for the Elvis double in his next movie. He was chosen out of thirty five other young men and did some look alike parts, a small part in another movie, and joined the Screen Actors Guild. Semie's career was on the upswing. He was billed as the ”Hawaiian Cowboy” and traveled to the World's Fair in Brussels. He met comedian Jerry Lewis when he delivered some equipment to Joe, while Joe was on a television show with Jerry.
Semie did not continue with his movie career because he felt it would be a conflict of interest with his much beloved Gospel music. He called his good friend and manager, Johnny Kahui, and told him of his decision to abandon his movie career. Johnny cried because he had originally embarked on a Gospel music career himself, yet he still wished Semie good luck.