Dana's Journal #14
I was 6 or 7 years old and  Dad had me for the weekend. We set up my Barbie  Dream House and all of the Ken and Barbie accessories in the apartment that was attached to the factory. I was playing with my Barbie Dolls while Dad prepared for a client he was expecting, About this time a very large black hand reached down, grabbed my Ken Doll and said "Would you still love me if I was black Barbie?". ( Please remember the US was still very segregated at this time.) This was first black man I had ever seen. I thought I had seen a monster. I ran screaming into the factory, stood on Dad's foot and hung onto his leg while he taking an order for a White Double Neck. Well, that black man was Jimi Hendrix and that white double neck is now in the Rock - N - Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio US.
Not very many little girls can say that they played Barbie Dolls with Jimi Hendrix. I kind of did ? lol
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.
Till next time.
Mosrite Forever, 
Dana Moseley

Dana's Journal 

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Dana's Journal #16
June 13th is my fathers birthday. Semie Moseley would be 83 years old. Also in the USA on the 3rd Sunday in June we celebrate  Fathers Day. That makes June a melancholy month for me. I think of all the good times yet I still feel the heartache of him not being here.
I spent his last Birthday and Fathers Day with him at his home in Booneville, Arkansas. This was just before he went into the hospital. I don't know if you knew this but Dad collected elephants.  So, for his Birthday I gave him, from the Hallmark Collection, a father elephant named Poppy and for Fathers Day I gave him a baby elephant named Peanut. These elephants were to represent him and me. See the pictures below and you can tell Poppy (Dad) has one straight leg as did Dad and Peanut (Me). Well over the last 26 years, Peanut has been dropped and kicked around so much she broke into pieces and had to be glued back together, just like me. We both have made it and are doing well.
Happy Birthday Dad. I sure do miss you.
Mosrite Forever,
Dana Moseley

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Dana's Journal #13 24th Apr. 2018

I thought I would share a little Mosrite Trivia with you this time.

The Mosrite question I get asked the most:

Q. How did your Dad come up with that skinny neck for his guitars?

A. Mom and Dad were evangelists. They would travel from church to church singing a few songs. My Mom would preach and my Dad would make a chalk drawing about Mom's sermon. They would give the church the drawing in exchange for the offering. Dad was also working at Rickenbacker at this time.  Mom was constantly complaining how the guitar hurt her fingers and cramped her wrist. So Dad designed a narrow neck with very, very low frets and made Mom a guitar for her to go with it. Now I have heard this part of the story two ways. 1. Dad built this guitar with Rickenbacker parts on Rickenbacker's time. He was fired for it. 2. My Uncle AJ (Andy Moseley) told me. That yes he did build the guitar on Rickenbacker's time but that he purchased the parts (that sounds more like my Dad).  He still got fired.

That is how the skinny, low fret Mosrite neck, was invented.

Till next time,

Mosrite Forever,
Dana Moseley