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Dana's Journal #11                                                                                                                                   22th MAR 2018

I had planned to complete my story from Dana's Journal #10.  Sorry but a funny road trip story seems a little inappropriate due to recent events. I will continue my story in Dana's Journal #12.

I dedicate Dana's Journal #11 to Nokie Edwards.

Nokie was one of the best guitar players I have ever known. He was a kind, soft spoken, kicked back kind a guy. My Dad and him were best of friends. Nokie was at Dad's bedside at the hospital before Dad passed. The two of you are together now and you guys can play your guitars as loud as you want to. There are a lot a loud guitar players up there.

Ms. Judy you know I love you both. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Nokie you are very much missed.

Nokie Edwards
1935 - 2018

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Dana's Journal #10 7th MAR 2018

I was looking through my Dana's Journal today to try and figure out what to write about. I noticed I had told stories about all of  Dad's wives but Chris. You see my dad was married 4 times, 1st-  my mother Virgie Gasaway in the 50's, 2nd -  Diana Roberts in the 60's, 3rd - Christina Byrd in the 70's and 4th - Loretta Barrier in the 80's. The story I'm going to tell you today happened in the early 70's. Dad hadn't been married to Chris very long.

It was summertime. I would always get excited about Summertime because Dad would always take about a month just to spend time with me. This year Dad had purchased a new Motorhome for us and his new bride, Chris, to take a trip to Oklahoma City to visit our old friends, The Shorts. Well, around Flagstaff AZ we noticed that the stove was rattling a little bit, but didn't think much of it. We got to Oklahoma City with no problem. 

Since Dad and Chris were newly weds. They left me with Jerry and Doris Short for 3 days. Jerry, Doris and their two sons Steve and David were a Gospel Music Group call the Countrymen. At this time they were performing at Bud Chambers church in Oklahoma City. That afternoon before the church service Bud Chambers Son, Steve and myself went snooping around in the rafters of the church. I slipped and fell.
Both of my legs were dangling through the ceiling in the middle of the church. It wouldn't have been so bad but they were having a prayer meeting in the church at the time. I don't know how we got out of there without being noticed, but we did. We never told anyone. I don't know how long it was before they realized there were two holes in the tiles in their ceiling.

I was sure glad Dad and Chris were going to be back the next morning. To be continued--------

This is a long story. I will finish it next time.

Mosrite Forever,
Dana Moseley

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To refresh your memory, In Dana's Journal #11, Dad, Chris and I went on a road trip to Oklahoma City, OK. In our brand new Motorhome. I stayed a few days with friends and now we are starting back home to Bakersfield, CA. A 1,345 Mile drive.
Like I have told you before the stove was rattling a little bit.. Well the stove is rattling a lot now. It was so loud you couldn't hear your self talk.without yelling. I tried to take the burners off to no avail. I piled blankets on top of the stove to muffle the sound and that helped but the racks in the stove were rattling too.

When we got to Amarillo TX, you know how motorhomes have the bed over the top of the cab and you put it down to sleep. Well it just starts falling down right on the top of Dad's head. We would put it back up and after a little while it would fall down again.

By the time we got to Albequerce, NM the heat from the engine was coming through the engine cover inside the motorhome and was starting to burn Dad's leg. So we put a pillow between Dad's leg and the engine cover. I would like to say that was all but it's not.
(Remember this is my summer break from school and it is very hot 100+).  Well, by the time we got to Flagstaff, AZ, our airconditioner started blowing hot air. We have 480 miles to go. It was one of the most miserable 480 miles of my life especially going through the Mohave Desert.

By the time we got home, not only was the stove still rattling but everything else is too. Like the window, the light fixtures you name it and it was rattling. The heat from the engine cover was so hot is was starting to leave a mark on Dad's leg and the bed would not stay up at all now. So Dad had to put a pillow on his head. That way the bed could rest on his head without giving him a headache.

I truly wish I had a picture of this but I don't you will just have to use your imagination.

Till next time.

Mosrite Forever,
Dana Moseley