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In an effort to better serve Mosrite fans, the structure and content of this website is currently undergoing several changes.We apologize for any inconvenience.
 モズライトの公式ウェブサイトへようこそ。モズライトファンの方々によりよい情報をお届けできますよう日々、コンテンツの充実に努めていま す。​どうぞご期待ください。

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We have just hailed Ms.Dana Moseley as our supervisor and signed relevant documents.We will actively disseminate information on Mosrite guitars.


Watch B.C.V. Cover "Wipe Out " Ventures

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  • Kalimba5:48
  • Hold On2:17
  • Standing Taller3:38
  • He Proved His Love to Me2:04
  • Bow Your Head Down Sinner3:20
  • Jesus of Nazareth3:04
  • I Found Out Where Happiness Is1:58
  • When the First Rains Came2:08
  • Jesus the Perfect Man3:05
  • What the World Needs to See3:07

Currently avairable  line-up of mosrite guitars,bass guitars ,and peripherals

 various kinds of Pictures regarding  Mr.Semie Moserey's life ,old leaflets of products of Mosrite, and so  forth

  • Strongest Man2:44
  • When I Get To Heaven2:52
  • I Stopped And Thought Of God3:16
  • The Reason To Live3:13
  • I'm Having Fun Being A Christian2:37
  • I Love Him So3:02




We wanted all you to know the origin and developments of Mosrite guitars.

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